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I am totally blown away by Michael Lundgren‘s Transfigurations. They are made up of all the things that keep me awake at night. As if I didn’t miss the West enough already, they are like coming home.  And they are like falling into a place that I will never know, or once I do know, […]



I’m beginning to really love the work of Ann Tarantino, and in particular, a series of works she did in collaboration with Kate McGraw.  I love these especially: They’re not really works I feel like writing about but they make me wish I did more drawing.  They remind me of things I’ve read and dreams […]

or if you are interested in seeing the work of emerging photographers, I’m also writing here.  But I promise I’ll be back here soon, maybe even sooner than usual!

The nature and tone of recent news and election coverage made me dig up David James Duncan‘s collection of essays and short stories, My Story As Told By Water, for the passage strategic withdrawal. (DJD is required reading for anyone who lives, lived or wants to live in the Pacific Northwest but really is good […]