I am totally blown away by Michael Lundgren‘s Transfigurations. They are made up of all the things that keep me awake at night.

As if I didn’t miss the West enough already, they are like coming home.  And they are like falling into a place that I will never know, or once I do know, will not be able to transcribe on to paper, silver or pulp or digital. 

They are so, so quiet that I fear I will lose them or be lost to them (I’m not sure which) if I look away for a moment.

In his statement, Lundgren writes: 

Early on, landscape was grounds for the idealization of nature—the creation of an Eden whose existence is surely at question. Contending with the devastation enacted upon the earth, landscape photography has in many ways become a medium of political motivations—a necessary pursuit given the dire circumstances. However, a summary of intention for both of these approaches might be: “Look at how wonderful nature is, but do not mistake, it is better off without us.”

My work has always been an effort to shift this paradigm—we are nature. Perhaps our one chief distinction is that we are forever trying to control entropy—and things always fall apart. In Transfigurations, I hope to walk the line between apocalyptic-transcendence and our own perseverance.

Radius Books just published the book and Transfigurations will be on view at Clamp Art here in NYC at the end of November.   

um, I’ll be there.


2 Responses to “transfigurations”

  1. 1 beth

    Poignant words and photographs. How true that nature would “be better off without us.” But how glorious that we can be a part of it!

  1. 1 Radius Books » » The Amazing Michael Lundgren

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