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Someone at The Exposure Project picked up on a dangling comment I made over on the Hey, Hot Shot! blog last week: The author went on: I want to know what you think. Where does the tenuous line between compassion and indifference in photographic portraiture meet? What makes one artist’s portrayal necessarily more sensitive than […]

modern magic


(Ed. note: I made a minor change to this post since initially publishing late last night [note to self: don’t do that] because I think it’s important to distinguish that magic realism is a Latin American literary tradition, not one that is specific to Mexico, and probably less notable when considering Mexican literary traditions in […]

Go.  Go see Hiroshi Sugimoto at Gagosian in Chelsea. Ligurian Sea, Saviore, 1993 N. Pacific Ocean, Stinson Beach, 1994 Lake Superior, Eagle River, 2003 For reasons that shall remain unnamed from this point forward, my family stopped going to church when I was 7 or 8. Still we’re all pretty spiritual people and have found […]

the cut path


Both images above are from John Mann‘s series the cut path. I wrote about his folded in place series over on the Hey, Hot Shot! blog but am having a harder time figuring these out…. For some reason, they are sticking with me more than the maps though.

Unseasonable sunshine streaming through the window + residual election buzz + Anna’s singing in the house =  a good day for this poem + photo.  The poem arrived recently via a note from a friend in response to a previous post. (I first came across it in the loo! Strange but true: a friend’s brother […]