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Over the weekend, conditions on the mountain rendered visibility so poor that I often couldn’t see past the tips of my skis.  Fog like I haven’t seen since I left the northwest moved in and around, surrounding peaks, and breaking only for intermittent snow. If you can’t see the pitch and ground below you, you […]

I am totally blown away by Michael Lundgren‘s Transfigurations. They are made up of all the things that keep me awake at night. As if I didn’t miss the West enough already, they are like coming home.  And they are like falling into a place that I will never know, or once I do know, […]

The nature and tone of recent news and election coverage made me dig up David James Duncan‘s collection of essays and short stories, My Story As Told By Water, for the passage strategic withdrawal. (DJD is required reading for anyone who lives, lived or wants to live in the Pacific Northwest but really is good […]

Yesterday I was informed that it was the Autumnal Equinox and that it was the day of perfect balance and harmony between light and shadow and day and night. And, if I believed that the stars would save my life, that would have been the day… (sigh…) And even though I don’t believe that the […]

When you share a bench with someone, even if it is a long bench and they are at the other end, if they are talking, and you lean back against the planks, you feel the hum of vocal cords.   Underground, JoAnn Verburg, 2005

An email from a favorite aunt about sailing and sleeping under the September stars in San Francisco with another favorite aunt reminded me of this photograph by Hannah Whitaker: Which in turn reminded me of summers long, long past in Colorado, when my sister and I were allowed to run out late and wild in […]

Summer in Colorado means road-tripping and camping… and in my car, with a busted CD player and no iTrip to speak of (or listen to) that also means a lot of NPR… On my way home from a wedding weekend of camping underneath the moon and stars and looming Teton Range in Jackson, Wyoming, with […]