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Unseasonable sunshine streaming through the window + residual election buzz + Anna’s singing in the house =  a good day for this poem + photo.  The poem arrived recently via a note from a friend in response to a previous post. (I first came across it in the loo! Strange but true: a friend’s brother […]

When you share a bench with someone, even if it is a long bench and they are at the other end, if they are talking, and you lean back against the planks, you feel the hum of vocal cords.   Underground, JoAnn Verburg, 2005

Summer in Colorado means road-tripping and camping… and in my car, with a busted CD player and no iTrip to speak of (or listen to) that also means a lot of NPR… On my way home from a wedding weekend of camping underneath the moon and stars and looming Teton Range in Jackson, Wyoming, with […]