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Hello, there.


As you can see, I haven’t written here for quite some time (more than, um, three years). I would love it if you visited (SL) DISTIN 15, where I am writing admittedly, somewhat infrequently, but still, more than here. Or, say hi on Twitter and see what I’m up to on Instagram. Hope to hear from […]

Untitled (Home, Earth 3) by Robert Longo Yesterday, in yoga, the instructor said something to the effect of, “what’s going on above the surface of the earth, is the same as what’s going on below the surface of earth.” And I think he meant it in that sense that yogis refer to a lot and […] is live!  It’s a work in progress, courtesy of OtherPeoplesPixels, a self-imposed compromise after hours spent toiling with Moveable Type.  My own-made site and a new home for this blog are forthcoming as are additional photographs.  Promise.  Editing and re-editing images has turned into a seemingly sisyphean task in itself.  Also on the horizon, […]